July 30, 2012


oh my polish and norwegian ancestors,

thank you for this gift of pale pale white skin. It is very useful when you want to look at the veins running underneath it, or when someone wants a thing to glow in the dark and guide the way home.

While I am very grateful for this gift, I would like to lodge a complaint.

This past weekend, I went tubing on the Shenandoah river with my family. It was a glorious day--blue sky, clear water, and sun. Lots of sun. Here is where my skin failed me.

To start with, I know, wear sunscreen. I did. There was sunscreen everywhere. Sunscreen on my back. Sunscreen on my shins. Sunscreen on my face. I know, re apply sunscreen. I did. Sunscreen on my arms. Sunscreen on my neck. Sunscreen on my knees.

And yet somehow, my skin, which felt nicely warmed by the sun during the trip, has now turned a nasty shade of red.

So polish and norwegian ancestors, help me out here. What should I do to make this feel better?

Unfortunately, I can't actually talk to my ancestors. But I can talk to google. So far, cold compresses, 100% aloe gel, and apple cider vinegar, of all things, have been most effective. Also lying on the couch, swearing never to go into the sun again, and avoiding movement at all costs. Next time I go into the sun, I'm wearing a head to toe bodysuit.


Sarah Lorence Johnson said...

Oh no! That is too bad. I share your Polish skin paleness and tendency to burn. I find I have to apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going out in the sun and to reapply often, which I'm sure you did, too. I hope your skin heals quickly.

Floortje said...

Love your blog dear!
Keep going with the great work!


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