July 02, 2012

Ways to beat the heat with no power

Like 60% of Fairfax County, we lost our power in a storm this weekend. Thankfully no trees fell, our cars were fine, and we had some cash on hand. However, it was still over 100 degrees outside, which meant we had to develop some pretty intense strategies for staying cool. Below, I give you our greatest hits.

1. Go Out to Breakfast
You can't open your fridge (trying to keep the food cold) and who wants cereal without milk for breakfast? So you should probably load up into the car with everyone still semi-pajama clad, and go to your nearest McDonalds.

Chances are, they won't have power either, so no egg mcmuffins for you. Drive a little bit farther to the closest deli with power. Do not look at the menu very carefully. Try to keep track of everyone's orders. After paying, suddenly realize how shocked and surprised you are by the total. Check receipt. Realized that you accidentally ordered something twice as expensive as what everyone else ordered. Enjoy eating it anyway.

2. Find some Internet (or don't)
This will be really hard. All Starbucks, Paneras, Barnes and Nobles, and Saxbys will be wifi-free. Realize that you're with your whole family anyway, so no one really needs to get in touch with you. Embrace the lack of wifi, and read a book.

3. Find your friends who do have power
After spending the afternoon running various errands in air conditioned locales, you will come home and realize that the downstairs basement, while relatively comfortable, has about seven beds (counted generously) and there are ten people who live in your house. If you are very blessed, your roommate's brother and his wife will call. They have power. They will ask if you want to come over. Say yes. They will welcome you back into the twenty-first century with cold drinks, hot food, wifi, and air conditioning.You owe them big time.

(in all seriousness, the power came back at our house early Sunday morning, and we're very grateful to all of the Dominion power employees who have been working hard to turn the lights and AC back on across VA)

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