July 13, 2012

worst adult example ever

A few days ago, I was heading to the library, and my youngest brother wanted to come along to turn in his summer reading program list. I had seen the finished list just the day before, but even though we searched high and low, we couldn't find it anywhere.

"No problem," I told him. "We'll just get another reading log at the library and fill it out there."

So we drove to the library, and I went with him to the desk to get a new log. My brother started writing, and it was taking him a little while, but he steadily moved through the list. I was kind of proud that he was spelling all of these book titles by memory, and thinking "aww, look at what a nice handwriting learning experience he is having by getting to write these book titles out twice! He will be so ready for 3rd grade." 

At that moment, a new librarian came up, and noticed that my brother was filling out the entire reading log.

"Now, have you actually READ all of those books?" asked the librarian, who had the requisite glasses to peer over.

"Yes I have," he said, focusing on his writing.

"He lost his reading log, so we just came in to fill out a new one," I explained.

The librarian looked unimpressed. "Lost it, huh?"

Wait a minute.  Did the librarian really think that I was that bad of a mom/big sister/nanny/whoever she though I was that I was teaching an 8-year-old to lie. . .for a coupon booklet? A coupon booklet where the best coupon is "one free ice cream cone at mcdonalds?"

While thinking this, there was an awkward pause, and then I tried to explain some more. "I saw it yesterday, but we can't find it, and see, he shares a room and sometimes it's like a black hole for important papers and. . ." I quickly realized I was making us sound more guilty.

She shook her head and said "Well, as long as you're sure he read them," looking at me pointedly.

Unfortunately, my brother couldn't even remember the last two books he had read, so instead of making some titles up, we decided to come back the next day after he read two more books to turn in his reading log. I think the librarian  thought I really was the worst adult  ever: not only was I teaching this kid to lie and not letting him learn to read, I wouldn't let him finish the lie, so I cruelly cut him off from ice cream.

Surprise, Librarian, we went and got ice cream anyway! (and no, we didn't steal it.)

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Nicole said...

Oh this is precious!! Also, I remember those summer reading programs. I loved them. So glad to hear the next generation is still keeping up on them. :)

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