August 22, 2012

coffee and craziness

Sometimes I get frustrated with perfectly styled blog photos. Does everyone always pull out their  vintage-but-not-too-worn plates and spread out tastefully flour dusted dish towels beside their hand molded coffee mugs? How do they have time for that? Are we really supposed to believe that's just "what their kitchen looks like?"

The past few weeks have been a whirl of planning, weekend trips, late nights, and general craziness. I'm not quite up to blog posts with links and stories or pictures at all.

But last Friday, I had the day off, and my friend Rebekah came over. We used giant Starbucks mugs (gasp! The commercial sell-out-ism!) and I grabbed our functional sugar packets. I made apple coffee cake because we had a half dozen apples sitting on our counter that were just on the verge of going bad. No recipe because it was a little off and definitely needs some adjustment before it can be recommended.

And that's when I realized something. There's a time and a place for making perfect food, wiping crumbs off a plate with a towel, and searching for that coordinating platter and napkin set. But right now, I'm in the middle of a few months where intense attention to detail and creativity are required in a lot of areas in my life. So maybe the dishes aren't perfectly coordinated, but the lines on the table from the late summer sun streaming into the kitchen elevate anything from merely "ordinary." Sure, the plate isn't midcentury and our kitchen table has seen better days, but the laughing and planning over too many cups of coffee represented in these two pictures is pretty much the best.

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Bonnie Teplik said...

I totally agree with you! It's so easy to look at photos online and drool...instead of looking at what you have to work with or what makes the picture special and un-cookie-cutter. :) And honestly...good lighting is better than any prop. :D

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