October 24, 2012

the rise and fall of my ipod

(or: why you shouldn't run to catch your metro train.)

I bought my ipod classic about 5 years ago. That ipod has gone everywhere with me--from 15-passenger van rides in middle-of-nowhere Ohio for debate tournaments to when I was desperately trying to get the itunes store to work in Kunming, China, so I could download the new Josh Groban album.

Every once in a while I wonder if my ipod will die on me, but it was trucking right along, doing great, playing reruns of This American Life every day as I rode home from work on the train. I decided that my ipod and I would be together forever. I would be in a nursing home playing something better than "the junk the kids these days are listening to!" on my 2007 ipod classic.

But those dreams came to a horrible end.

I had gone to the library of congress, and after spending an afternoon wrangling bound books of newspapers from the 1850s, I was tired and ready to get home. I had to switch trains, and as I came up to the level of the red line train, I saw that my train was waiting there. "I can totally make it," I thought to myself. This was confirmed by the fact that we were at an intensely strummed part of a Mumford and Sons song, so I was filled with righteous inspiration. Ipod in my dress pocket, purse in hand, I started running.

The funny thing about my dress pocket is that wasn't quite as deep as I thought it was. 3 feet from the train day, I saw my ipod bounce out of my pocket, and fly up in the air. It jerked out of my headphones, and crashed to the floor. However, thanks to the streamlined design of Steve Jobs, it didn't just stop right there on the floor. It slid forward--but instead of sliding onto the train, it slid into the gap between the train and the platform. See below for an illustration of the gap.

a grainy cell phone pictures of "THE GAP"

MIND THE GAP little ipod! Didn't you see the signs?!

After walking up and down the platform with a helpful station manager, we couldn't see my ipod anywhere. I'm sorry little ipod. I did my best to save you.

So now I was faced with the sad  task of replacing my ipod. A new ipod classic seemed so--excessive. I didn't need 160GB of space. And an ipod touch?! How. . .newfangled. But I didn't really want a used ipod classic. Sure, my old ipod had been scratched and scuffed, but they were MY scratches and scuffs! Those are personal.

That was when my buddy, Blumby, came to my rescue. She had an ipod classic she didn't use anymore. And it was from our highschool and college days, when we were debate partners and friends, so it was like I had been a part of those scratches and scuffs.

So now I have a new ipod. Thanks, Blumby. I also have a newfound dedication to not running in the metro. Or at least, only walking really quickly.

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