December 22, 2012


walmart, the Saturday morning before Christmas

1. A young man (married), scans the coffee aisle. In one arm he holds a cheap coffee maker with filters balanced on top of the box. Grabbing a bag of dark roast, he dodges the carts of other shoppers and walks quickly toward the check out. I can just imagine the conversation that happened before he left the house.
him: "I can't believe your parents don't own a coffee maker!"
her: "I brought starbucks VIA packs."
him: "They're not the same."
her: "Can't you go a few days without coffee?"
him: "Nevermind. I'm going to walmart."

2. A man and his teenage son walk towards the back of the store.
Father: "Your mom said to get cheese and crackers."
Son: "Cheese? There's like a hundred types of cheese."
Father: "I think she meant something fancy."
Son: "I want American."

(and me? I just bought the apple juice I needed to make more apple cider caramels.)

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