December 03, 2012

why people text instead of talking

I have always loved reading, and plunged quickly into long chapter books soon after I finished the "a-a-apple" of phonics. This meant I knew a lot of words I had never actually heard said out loud, which led to some pronunciation issues. For example, one day I asked my mom the difference between crocheting and knitting. Except I said "crotch-ett-ing," and my mom started laughing at me.

With the advent of the internet, I can now avoid this embarrassment thanks to google. However, the other day, I didn't take the time to look something up before proclaiming that I planned on making an apple "guy-yette."

My mom: "I think it's just pronounced the way it's spelled. Gah-lette."

I realized if I had just texted her, she never would have been the wiser to my poorly pronounced ways. Now I understand you, texters of the world. (and how you can create the difficult to pronounce "ROFL.")

And yes, I did make this delicious apple galette, and you should too, because it's super easy, even if you're bad at pie crust. The apples taste like December candy joy. Shutterbean says use a food processor but I just did it by hand. There are no pictures on my end because it was kind of wolfed down by people in this house.

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