April 22, 2013

iPhone restaurant reviews -- Skinny Pancake

I like it when people write blog posts and include crisp, beautiful pictures, taken by their DSLR with expensive lenses. I like it when I have time to take pictures and think about them and compose them and try again and again.

Right now in my life, I don't have time for that. 

However, my iphone comes with me everywhere (thanks, Steve Jobs) and I do get to visit a few different places across America. So here's a mashup of 3 of my favorite things: writing, restaurants, and travel! (Okay fine, 4 favorite things. My iphone ranks up there too.) Expect to see a few more iPhone Restaurant Reviews coming to the blog soon.

Our first iphone Restaurant Review takes us to Skinny Pancake in Burlington, Vermont. Nestled in with the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain, Burlington in general made me want to eat local food, braid my hair, and use natural coconut oil lotion. So using the ever helpful Yelp, I found  Skinny Pancake, who seemed to fit into that general vibe, while also fitting into my budget.

Skinny Pancake interior, 100 yards from Lake Champlain. Check out that light fixture!

First of all, it's called  Skinny Pancake because they serve crepes. Crepes of all sorts--Breakfast, savory, sweet, whatever you could imagine. All of their ingredients are locally sourced, and also are especially delicious. 


On my first visit, I tried "The Cattle Rancher." Filled with sliced sirloin tip, carmelized onions, roasted red peppers, and cabot cheddar cheese, this crepe was serious business. The meat was flavorful and tender, the cheese melted perfectly, and the chipotle cream on the side gave it a kick of spice. Also, the salad was dressed with one of those olive oil-lemon juice-salt and pepper concoctions that are so easy to make but make everything taste like freshness and life. 

Skinny Pancake also serves local soda. Since I was in Vermont, I had to try "maple seltzer." Ingredients: maple syrup, seltzer water. Taste: not too sweet, a nice light addition to my MEAT MEAT MEAT crepe.

On my way out of Burlington, I got to visit Skinny Pancake again, because they have two different locations in the Burlington airport. This time I went a little more healthy with the Sass-squatch. The squash puree, whole wheat crepe, apples and spinach was definitely less filling than the crepe I had eaten a few days before, but that was great for lunch.

Thankfully, my flight was delayed, so I had to eat a nutella crepe as well. No pictures of that, because I devoured it. Hopefully I don't have to describe how nutella tastes to you?

While I only tried two of the many options on  Skinny Pancake's menu, it wasn't for lack of interest. Skinny Pancake strikes a good balance between providing classics and thinking up some new combos which are tasty. If you're ever in Burlington, check them out!

Skinny Pancake, Burlington VT
Various Locations
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
4 out of 5 stars

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Nicole said...

So basically this place sounds awesome. Did they have gluten-free options?

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