July 11, 2013

when plane tickets feel like a giant game of chicken

I'm flying to Seattle for a wedding, which is very exciting.

But in order to GET to Seattle, you have to buy a plane ticket. That's less exciting, but still something that has to happen.

So I got prepared. I started watching fares six weeks ago. I looked online for cheaper fares midweek. I cleared my cache so KAYAK wouldn't know that I was searching for the same fare over and over. I know how this game works.

Most of the fares have stayed within a pretty specific range. I would  not break the bank if I went ahead and bought my ticket now. It will probably not get that much cheaper.

But look at this:

That's KAYAK again, helpfully telling me to wait. 79% confidence telling me to wait! 

I can listen to them. I can keep waiting. But they said this last week and the prices didn't drop. But maybe they'll drop this week and then I'll feel stupid for overpaying for my plane ticket! 

Oh you taunting orange line. 

maybe I'll just drive.

1 comment:

Sarah Johnson said...

So, did you wait or not? This post was a cliffhanger!

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