June 18, 2014

on pride and sunscreen

Recently,  I took a trip to Italy. On one of the days, we travelled to the beach and swam in the perfectly clear Mediterranean. It was glorious.

As previously mentioned, my skin burns basically within 0.56 seconds when exposed to the sun. I am a wise person about this, and came prepared with Yes to Cucumbers sunscreen and my new discovery, the Neutrogena sunscreen stick.

image via target.com
Things I love about this sunscreen stick: It is easy to apply, it didn't count toward my quart sized bag of liquids, and it was pretty effective at keeping me from getting sunburned.

Things I didn't love about this sunscreen stick: It is in a deodorant container, which makes it look like I think I stink so much that I am rubbing Dove all over my body. I got over this, because I like being sunburned less than I care about what people think about me.

Prepared with this and my Yes to Cucumbers stuff, I thought I was good to go. I applied sunscreen everywhere. This is where my pride came in. You see, when I put on spray sunscreen, I can cover my entire back.As I was applying lotion, I thought "oh yes for sure I can reach my entire back. I mean, I do yoga!"

About halfway through the day, as we were eating lunch, I realized that my back felt a little funny. Hmm, better reapply! Although it could not be possible, because my noodle-like arm ability to put sunscreen on my entire back, it felt like maybe I had a little bit of sunburn on my back? How weird!

My friend, Becca, helped me out and actually applied lotion all over my back. As we were heading home, she said "oh man, I must have missed some, you have a line...." I was all "psh no big deal probably nothing because remember I have excellent shoulder flexibility."

When we got back to their house and I looked in the mirror, oh man. I had made a dumb mistake. In a perfect, two inch line (minus one tiny part on my right shoulder blade where I had gotten some sunscreen a little bit higher than normal) was a sunburn from where my initial sunscreen application had missed.

When you have a sunburn, it's good to put lotion on it, to help your poor parched skin get some liquid in it.

When you have a sunburn exactly on your back where you couldn't reach, it is hard to put lotion on.

Pride comes before a fall. Or a sunburn. Learn from my mistakes. Ask your friends for help, before it's too late. Don't be like me, with a 2 inch sunburn line. And also, go visit Sicily because it's amazing (more on that later)

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