June 02, 2014

Watermelon is not a cake

Recently,  I've been seeing this picture all over pinterest.
via sprinklebakes.com 

Everyone is like "oh look what a beautiful cake isn't it awesome and wonderful! because look when you cut it open, there is a surprise! It is really WATERMELON!" 

via sprinklebakes.com 

This is not wonderful. This is terrible.

Now I love watermelon. I think it's a delicious, wonderful summery treat, especially when it's cold and eaten in big, messy slices. 

I also love cake. 

Watermelon and cake are most definitely not the same thing. 

As any good debater knows, you have to define your terms. The Oxford English Dictionary defines cake as "An item of soft, sweet food made from a mixture of flour, shortening, eggs, sugar, and other ingredients, baked and often decorated:"  Sometimes you use different types of flour. Sometimes you use more sugar or less sugar. Sometimes you use chocolate, sometimes you use red food coloring. All of these things are cake. 

Watermelon is a fruit. Made mostly of water. Not a cake. In fact, of the ingredients listed necessary to make a cake, watermelon includes exactly zero of them. ZERO! Watermelon is not soft. Watermelon is not baked. Watermelon is one of the most un-cake-like things you can eat. 

Secure in this knowledge, I hoped that this crazy idea of a watermelon "cake" would go away. 

BUT NO. It has risen, like a terrible 80s haircut, like it might be a good idea. My beloved Kitchn posted about it. People are branching out with multi melon "cakes." Joy the Baker pinned a "cake." Someone even made this...creation.

Join Americans for Cake Clarity today. This is a watermelon cake. This is fruit. Love cake. Love watermelon. Don't confuse the two. 


Nicole said...

Holy cuss yes. This is what I say every time I see these so-called "cakes". If this is your cake, I'd hate to see your version of chocolate.

Anonymous said...

I support!

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