September 26, 2014

Law School: A starter guide

I started law school this fall, and while I've learned a lot about torts and civil procedure, I've also learned that you need a few key things to keep law school bearable and worthwhile.

Some people might tell you that you need a good study schedule, killer outlines, and relationships with the best professors. These will all help you with your law career. But what do you need to survive your first few weeks of school and the general educational environment, especially if you haven't been in school for a few years?

Well, let me tell you. Here are 3 things that I use every single day.

1. An awesome pencil case

When I first saw this pencil case, I loved it. But then I said "do I really need to spend $24 on a pencil case?"

But it's leather!
But it's a pencil case!
But it has gold lettering!
But it's a pencil case!
But you'll use it EVERY DAY!

It was the last one that got me eventually. Also the fact that I couldn't stop thinking about it. When you are in law school, you suddenly need to be able to carry a bunch of writing implements around at all times. I'm not talking about being able to dig a pen to write down a quick phone number from the bottom of your purse (and let's get real, I mostly use the notes function on my iphone for that anyway), but you need to have

  • Your specific best notetaking pen
  • your specific second best notetaking pen in case you change your mind
  • your specific best highlighter
  • your specific best OTHER highlighter in case the first one poops out
  • your colored pencils if you don't use highlighters (see number 2)

This pencil case has lived up to my expectations. The leather is soft and luscious, the zipper works well, and it's nice and deep so I can keep ALL of my colored pencils in there at once. If you are going to law school, get a fancy pencil case. You'll be glad you did. Get your own here.

2. Colored Pencils for Highlighting

image via
"Colored Pencils?" you say. "Psh. I am no longer in 4th grade. I will use highlighters." Be my guest, but don't blame me when your highlighters bleed through the paper, smear, and lose their caps to draw all over the inside of your purse.

These twist up colored pencils will solve all your problems. They don't smear if you have a new textbook with shiny paper. They don't bleed through thin notebook pages. And because they're not traditional colored pencils, you don't need a pencil sharpener. By these at target and thank me.

3. An Adult-like but functional backpack

image via

When I went to undergrad, as a tender young 18-year-old, I was glad to purchase a lovely one shoulder tote that would hold my laptop, and I proudly showed everyone how professional and adult-like I looked. 4 years later, I proudly showed everyone my back pain and doctors commented on how one of my shoulders was now higher than the other.

Law school was time for a change. I could have opted for a traditional Jansport, but since I graduated from highschool almost 10 years ago, I felt like maybe it was time to move on from that look. How can I look nice but also evenly distribute the weight of law school books? Everlane to the rescue! This backpack is amazing. It can hold a ton of stuff, has a padded pocket for your laptop, and two classy pockets on each side. I normally put my water bottle in one and my phone/headphones in the other. It also looks like you're an adult and can easily double as an overnight bag when you're doing one of those light packing trips.

Get your own backpack here, you will not regret it.

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