February 09, 2015

This is not right.

Somedays you are scrolling through Pinterest, looking for a tasty treat. Then you see something, and you scroll back up. "Surely, that can't really be a recipe."

But it is.

Last time this happened I may have ranted a little bit about how watermelon are not cakes. This time, I simply leave you:

Rice Krispy Treats...made out of ruffles potato chips.

I know salty and sweet is a flavor profile. I know that chocolate dipped pretzels are delicious. But I also know that this is not right. Chips are for barbecues and super bowl parties. Rice krispy treats require...well, RICE KRISPIES.

So next time you make rice krispy treats--go crazy. Add flavor. But please, please, please do not make them with potato chips. 

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